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Bill Rego
Bill Rego

A veteran of consulting and sales in the health-care industry, Bill Rego, a Florida resident, began his college education on a full baseball scholarship as a catcher at Miami Dade College (North Campus) and University of Toledo. He studied radio and television broadcasting and received an associate of arts in journalism.

Mr. Rego later honed his medical skills with Harris/3M, Bristol Myers Squibb, Linvatec (General and Ortho. division) and Smith & Nephew-Dyonics Medical (Ortho. Division) before leveraging his expertise to establish his private medical consulting business in 2010. He serves as president and chief executive officer of his firm and leads in strategic account acquisitions, sales and marketing.

Mr. Rego's foundational principle is to introduce and incorporate elite, conservative and patient driven ancillary products/services to healthcare providers so they can significantly increase their bottom line and valuation for future exit. He serves as Director of Business Acquisitions and Elite Ancillary Products/Services.


  • WINZ, a.m. talk show (top Intern); Miami, Florida

  • ZETA 4, f.m. radio (top Intern), Miami, Florida

  • Harris/3M

  • Bristol Myers Squibb

  • Linvatec (General and Ortho Division)

  • Smith & Nephew Dyonics (Ortho. Division)

  • Bankers Healthcare Group, VP Sales


  • University of Toledo, OH

  • Florida International University, FL (Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and journalism)

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